Making a Difference: Our Community Involvement

Express Crane & Rigging supports the community through various projects and activities. Stay informed about our latest efforts and join us in making a positive impact. 

“If you support the community, they will support you.”

– Express Crane & Rigging

Houston Storm Emergency Response

Emergency Response Team Quickly Clears Trees from Homes and Power Lines

Location: Houston, Texas and surrounding areas, including Clear Lake

In response to the May 2024 storm that hit Houston and its surrounding areas, Express Crane & Rigging promptly engaged in emergency response efforts to clear fallen trees from homes and power lines. Within hours of the storm’s impact, our team mobilized to provide immediate relief to affected residents. We partnered with companies from across the nation to address the urgent need for assistance, as local resources were overwhelmed by the vast number of residents affected. 

This collaborative effort ensured a faster and more efficient response, benefiting the entire community. During the recovery efforts, Express Crane & Rigging focused on removing trees that caused damage to homes and power lines. In addition to clearing debris, we also responded to the many HVAC units that had been displaced by the storm’s powerful winds. We were able to safely reposition and secure a significant number of these units, in HEB grocery stores and various other restaurants and businesses throughout the affected area. Our specialized equipment and expertise allowed for the safe and swift removal of debris, helping homeowners return to normalcy as quickly as possible. The scale of the operation highlighted the importance of community support and the dedication of local and national teams working together to help those affected by the storm.

Emergency Response 2
Emergency Response
Emergency Response 4

Tons of Trucks Event

Exploring Cranes and Supporting Cypress Assistance Ministries

Location: St. John Lutheran Church, Houston, TX

Express Crane & Rigging proudly participates annually in the Tons of Trucks event at St. John Lutheran Church. This community event offers a unique blend of entertainment and education, allowing attendees to get up close with construction machinery. The event featured a wide variety of vehicles, including fire trucks, ladder trucks, ambulances, dump trucks, rescue trucks, monster trucks, heavy construction equipment, slingshots, and even special appearances like the Batmobile.

As a longstanding supporter of Cypress Assistance Ministries, Express Crane & Rigging showcases their largest crane each year, providing an interactive experience for community members of all ages. Participants enjoy hands-on demonstrations and up-close inspections, guided by our knowledgeable team. Children especially love exploring the cranes and capturing memorable photos with the impressive trucks and equipment on display. The Tons of Trucks event is always an unforgettable experience, highlighting the importance of community engagement and collaboration.

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Tons of Trucks 2
Tons of Trucks 3